Blogging on the cheap


Some time ago, I owned a (sadly neglected) blog hosted by Google Blogger. Their service is outstanding, the interface is clean ad friendly, the overall results are good also if you have little experience with web development.

But I am a developer, so I always wanted to control my blog in ways not foreseen by Google’s engineers.

Here I am experimenting with some cool technologies and sharing my results (and surely my mistakes).

The site you are reading is a static site generated by the Hexo platform, rendered by a custom made theme leveraging the Twitter Bootstrap and hosted on Heroku by a tiny Node server.

My results just now are pretty basic (I hope to improve in the future) but I can publish on the go (it was my first requisite) editing simple markdown files, the entire blog is safely committed on BitBucket and features a search box (Google-powered) and a comments section (enabled by Disqus).

If you are curious to know how it all was developed, stay tuned, I promise to follow up with the details.

Jul 31 2014 • heroku hexo nodejs tools